Cash Donations are Immediate.

100% of Your Contributions go directly to the needs of the local people.

Your Donations will Purchase:

  • Food for local feeding programs
  • Rebuilding Materials To rebuild homes and churches in Philippine communities.
  • School Supplies
  • Medical Supplies

T-shirts are available for the donation of $20 each.

Every shirt will help support Operation Philippines.

Operation Philippines is a relief effort sponsored by River Rock Church and exists to bring immediate and sustaining relief to the people of Panay in the island nation of the Philippines. The typhoon took lives, destroyed homes and churches, ruined food supplies, and displaced thousands of people.

Immediate Aid: River Rock Church is in a unique position to mobilize aid quickly because we have 16 church locations currently in the Philippines. While they themselves are in need and have suffered damages, they are ready to reach out and help their neighbors and communities that surround them.

Operation Philippines is not for profit.

For more information on our mutual efforts, visit our Operation Philippines Facebook Page:

Operation Philippines Boxes: Boxes of clothing received by Dec. 1st will be delivered to our 16 church locations. Boxes received after the 1st but until Dec. 8th will be shipped and distributed by the Red Cross throughout the Philippines.

Click for More Information & Suggested Donation Items

You Can Bring Items to:

River Rock Church

3250 NE 3rd Ave. Camas, WA 98607

Partner with us as we show Love in Action, Operation Philippines.

Donate to Operation Philippines

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